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Mobile App Redesign

The Bridge

I redesigned Carnegie Mellon University’s existing desktop platform, The Bridge, into a mobile application that helps students connect with, explore, and create campus organizations.

  • Role
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Year
  • 2018
  • Duration
  • 2 weeks


The existing platform

Carnegie Mellon University currently uses a website to promote and advertise student organizations and events. However, organizations often neglect updating information and the platform itself is poorly promoted and often overlooked. This makes it difficult for students to effectively use the platform to explore and get involved on campus.


Mobile application design

To improve accessibility and promote proactivity, I redesigned the website into a mobile application. The app incorporates features and interactions that are easy and efficient to navigate and promote student networking and involvement.

Persona Development

I started my process by creating a persona. Since the platform was meant for organization and event exploration, I decided that using a new student profile would be best fitted to begin framing my design criteria and problem.

Interview findings
Persona — identifying potential goals, frustrations, and needs of a user.

Existing app research

Aiming to redesign the platform into an application that promotes student interactions and involvement, I researched existing social media platforms. I was inspired by the efficiency and familiarity of the interactions as well as the openness and inclusivity of the platforms.

Interview findings
Interview findings
Interview findings

Design criteria

Based on my persona and research on existing app interactions, I was able to define criteria to guide my design of the app features.

Defined criteria


Easy to navigate


Promote student bonding and connection making


Promote involvement and openness


Quick and efficient
App design and features
Using existing and familiar app interactions and interfaces
Virtual interactions and socializing
Make posts and share photos
Filtering system, standard information formatting

Interface and interactions

To iron out details, I wire framed the user interface. I organized the screens based on user interactions of browsing, searching, proposing, and profile creation/editing. I also took inspiration from previously researched social media platforms and incorporated interactions to promote communication such as photo feeds, comments, and likes.

High Fidelity Prototype